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stunning remodel completed with raintree old hickory


If an interior remodel or design refresh is on your home’s to-do list, you are not alone! Every year homeowners are inspired to tackle home projects and breathe new life into their favorite rooms, whether to enjoy the finished layout themselves or re-list the property on the market. As you research images and products to inspire your next great renovation, take a moment to check out this stunning residential remodel completed by Primco Limited out of Alberta, Canada. We absolutely love the transformation from the before (below left), to the finished layout (below right) completed with 100% waterproof engineered hardwood using Old Hickory Flooring from the Nashville Scene Collection:

We had to get the inside scoop on this incredible project, so we went straight to the source! Here is our exclusive Q&A with homeowners Jennifer and Daren Fech on everything that went into her fantastic makeover and why Raintree was the ultimate flooring selection for her active family of six:

Raintree: Your new home makeover is fantastic! Of course, we want to know about your Raintree selection, but let’s first get into a little bit of the household background and your design vision. What was the look you were going for and what were some of the considerations that went into your design and layout?

Jennifer & DareFech: The house was built in 1975 and had been renovated about 15 years ago. The kitchen (below left) was looking old and outdated, so we decided to renovate it. We like the look of a modern farmhouse style home, so we decided to bring in some rustic style like the alder wood island, beams, and stair railing posts. We also like the clean lightness of white cabinets and chose light-colored quartz countertops to keep the look bright and fresh (below right).  Since the house is a smaller bungalow, we decided to run new flooring throughout the house. The flooring was a major factor in choosing the colors of wood in our accent pieces. Choosing the color of wood for the island, beams, and posts was based on the beautiful variation of colors in the Raintree waterproof wood flooring that we chose. 

Speaking of those color variations, we know that you went with Old Hickory flooring and we’ve seen that it is an extremely popular style in the market right now. What are the biggest factors that went into selecting Old Hickory over other species and varieties? What were the stylistic details that made this your ultimate choice?

The reason that we chose the Old Hickory wood (below left & right) is because of the beautiful variation of colors throughout the wood. We love how light the wood is, but also can’t get over how beautiful the dark rich colors of the different grains and knots are throughout each plank. We found that we can match almost any color of furniture to the different colors of the floor, which help make many of our other decisions easier. 

Nashville Scene Old Hickory

We noticed that your kitchen and other areas previously had a stone/tile floor and now have Old Hickory flooring. With so many flooring options and manufacturers to choose from, what are the aspects that made Raintree flooring the manufacturer you chose? 

We originally had tile in the kitchen and entry areas of the house because of the durability and ease of cleaning tile. We wanted to have a clean and seamless wood look throughout the house, so we decided to level out the subfloors and install wood to accomplish the look we desired. To be honest, we were a bit hesitant to run wood throughout those areas because of the mess a kitchen and entry areas can produce. One of the main reasons we chose Raintree was because it is waterproof. We figured that since the wood is waterproof, it would be easy to keep clean and beautiful. So far, this has absolutely been the case. The wood is easy to keep clean and is truly waterproof. We were provided great information about the product which helped us make the decision to move forward with Raintree. Also, since we were installing the flooring ourselves, we liked the ease of the Raintree‘s Ninja Lock system. No nailing or gluing needed! It saved us so much time to install the floors. Even if you are not installing the floors yourself, any installer would prefer this system over any other system because of how easy it is to installationd.

Lastly, what advice do you have for someone who wants to design their home makeover with hardwood? When someone is deciding between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors, what are the biggest selling points in your opinion for an engineered floor from a manufacturer like Raintree?

We love hardwood, as do many other people. The look of Raintree is so beautiful, we could not find any other wood that looked this good. We loved the length and width of the planks of wood that this product comes in.  One of the benefits of Raintree wood is something that you can’t see. It’s how the product feels on your feet. It feels soft and luxurious while remaining durable, and of course waterproof! It’s hard to explain how nice the wood feels until you have it laid down in your house. This wood feels so much warmer than our previous hardwood that we had in the house. We see no advantage to having a solid wood or engineered product over the Raintree waterproof engineered hardwood flooring. It looks and feels exactly how you would want a floor to look and feel- beautiful. Also, our supplier was able to provide custom-made stair nosing in lengths up to 75″, and custom flush mount vents which allowed for a seamless flow, all at a cost that was no different than buying non-matching accessories to complete an outstanding look.  The durability of the product has proven to be amazing. Day-to-day scratching and wear in an above-average busy household has proven that this is the best flooring we have ever owned.  We would encourage anyone interested in new flooring to ask for it by name as the knockoffs don’t come close to matching Raintree.  This product also increased the value of our home!

Talk about inspiring! We want to thank Jennifer and Daren Fech, as well as the Primco Ltd team for providing such incredible images and information. Now it’s time for you to tackle your remodel project with Raintree 100% waterproof wood flooring. Explore our waterproof hardwood flooring inspiration board on Pinterest and contact us to order samples  sent directly to you. Let’s make 2022 the year that your home is complete with gorgeous, authentic Raintree waterproof engineered hardwoods that can handle water, moisture, and liquid spills with ease!