Raintree Waterproof Flooring Installation

Wood Without Worry

Raintree planks are milled with a locking tongue and groove so you can install our click lock waterproof hardwood flooring quickly and easily. The patented locking system secures your wood flooring into place without the need for an adhesive.

Get Unstuck

Hardwood Flooring Installation Without Glue

A glueless installation is faster and can be cheaper to install than glue down methods because it’s doesn’t require time for the adhesive to cure. With Raintree’s click lock waterproof flooring system, you can walk on the floor immediately making the process as non-disruptive in your life as possible.

Additionally, adhesives require strict moisture levels in concrete slabs which can lead to expensive moisture mitigation prior to installation. Raintree hardwood flooring products can be installed directly over the top of existing flooring, too.

Flexible, fast and reliable.

Wood, Wood EVERYwhere

Flexible Installation

Beause traditional hardwood flooring constructions are sensitive to environmental moisture, they are typically restricted from use in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Even kitchens can be limiting because of ice makers, water dispensing refrigerators and pet’s water bowls.

Raintree waterproof hardwood floors perform beautifully in wet environments, providing the freedom to fit the same floor throughout your home for a cohesive aesthetic. Raintree makes it possible, so you no longer have to compromise design for performance when installing hardwood flooring

Click, Click, Boom

Click Lock Waterproof Flooring

Although we still recommend professional installation, Raintree’s unique click lock system makes fitting easy and requires no adhesive. By engaging the tongue side of one plank into the groove side of the other plank, you can click the two together. Because of the long lengths and wide widths, you’ll get a lot of footage from a single board for an installation that is smooth and streamlined.

Our click lock waterproof flooring creates such a tight connection between the planks that it doesn’t allow for water or dirt to creep through the seams. Traditional hardwood flooring can absorb water and trap dirt in the joints between the floorboards. Our Pet Guard waterproof and scratch resistant coating is topical and administered to the tongue and groove for moisture protection on all sides.

Hey, Hey, What's that Sound?

Quiet and Comfortable Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

Raintree planks have an attached acoustical layer adhered to the back of every plank to eliminate the “clicking” sound as you walk across the floor. Additionally, it reduces sound transition between floors, so you don’t hear noises from upstairs. Peace & Quiet.