A product that withstands water, pets, and high traffic.

My husband and I had been looking for a product besides luxury vinyl and wood lookalikes that withstand water, pets, and high traffic. After doing as much research as we could and ordering samples that we put to our own tests, we committed to Raintree’s First Flurry. We installed the floor ourselves and are very pleased with the overall look. Each piece of flooring is different and has the character we love. We’re only a week in, but our golden doodle has tested it, and there’s not even a visible scratch to be found. We are very pleased we chose Raintree flooring.


Pictures don’t do them justice.

We had Rocky Cliffs installed last week and love it! Samples and pictures don't capture the beautiful color variations.


Even the installer was impressed.

Just had Raintree’s Backcountry installed! Couldn’t be happier with the outcome!! Even the installer was impressed with the product.


Even the samples feel and look like stained wood.

These floors are stunning! I love all my samples! The samples I have are in no way comparable to luxury vinyl. It’s double the weight and they are absolutely stunning. To me, luxury vinyl tends to feel rubbery. Raintree’s flooring feels and looks like stained wood to me. I also personally find luxury vinyl to look stripey even when the tiles are scattered because of the repeating pattern. I ordered 4 colors: First Flurry, Crevasse, Sandstone, and Castle Creek. They’re all gorgeous.

Frank S.

We put our samples through the ringer...

I put Raintree samples to big tests before deciding: Dropped full cans of food from typical counter height -- no dents in the flooring or scratches. Soaked it in a bucket of water for a day and then let it dry -- no water issues. Scratched at it with normal type pressure -- no issues. It did scratch when sawing it rather hard with keys, but the wood was able to take fresh stain in that spot and blend right back in on the sample. Amazing!

James C.

I even installed it myself!

I have Raintree’s Printers Alley flooring installed. I did it by myself (whenever I had the free time). I am not a pro, so it took longer to install, but I do pride myself on trying to do my own work. I also estimated to add an additional 10% to my square footage for waste, mistakes, or if some of the planks had too many knots or wood veins.

Frank S

Installed right over tile.

We decided to go with the Raintree flooring in our powder room. One of the reasons we chose Raintree is because it can be installed right over tile without damaging it. The style we selected is Castle Creek and I am so happy with my choice ~ I absolutely LOVE IT!!

Margrid B

Floating over original hardwood.

We are installing our Raintree this coming week. We ordered Laguna in Driftwood. So excited to get rid of the 1990s orange oak! 🙂 They are going to float the floor over the existing oak in case someone comes along 25 years from now and decides they want to have the original flooring.

Amy C.

Makes the room look bigger and brighter.

We put Castle Creek throughout our entire basement including a downstairs bedroom. I love how much bigger and brighter it makes the rooms given we don't have as much natural light. I wish we would have removed the prefinished hardwood on our main level and installed Raintree there too instead of refinishing the existing wood.



My friend is installing Raintree’s First Flurry in her beach condo. Just started the install, so not even halfway finished, but it is gorgeous. I don't understand why people would spend the same amount or more for LVT when they can get real wood with the same low maintenance and waterproof benefits.

Cam S