Best Flooring for Fall Home Design Trends

When the summer season begins to transition into gorgeous tranquil autumn, the energy inside our homes starts to change as well. Activity and adventure turn into coziness and comfortable routine while high temperatures and full sunlight outside give way to a cool breeze and shorter days.  What better way to usher in the relaxing vibe than with a seasonal design refresh that lends soothing shades and textures to our favorite rooms! Combined with the unmistakable beauty of waterproof Raintree hardwoods, your home will be primed for a relaxing season full of warmth and memories. Here are a few of the best flooring matches for some of our favorite fall home design trends: 

Fall foliage flooring inspiration from Raintree


Cozy Layers – Whether it’s putting on your favorite turtleneck or wrapping up with a woven scarf, wearing layers simply makes fall more comforting! Use this same principle when sprucing up the home to make familiar spaces even more inviting. Sherpa and faux furs add softness without bold colors that will feel out of place. Like a cherished cable-knit sweater, woven pillows and blankets provide sophisticated visual interest wherever you put them, and a flannel throw will feel just like your favorite button-down. Contrast your color choices for these accessories with your floor color to create a balanced feel that’s engaging without overwhelming. For instance, if you have a darker wood floor such as Backcountry of the Aspen Estates Collection, consider adding a lighter-toned cream shag rug for a chic layer that takes the snuggle-vibe up a few levels!



Pet-friendly flooring in Hermitage from Raintree Floors


Warm Tones – As the bright, bold colors of summer outside begin to turn into deeper, richer tones, embrace this color palette for your interiors as well. Earthy neutrals and warm organics are not only ideal for integrating into your fall color scheme but pair perfectly with every shade of Raintree hardwood! Wood floors such as Sandstone of the Laguna Vibes Collection are the perfect backdrop for pops of autumn orange.  Versatile neutral floors like Driftwood of the Laguna Vibes Collection seamlessly blend with trending fall colors from army green to scarlet. For medium brown to darker wood such as Printer’s Alley of the Nashville Scene Collection (below), consider adding hints of muted yellow and light grey to brighten the room with seasonal appeal:


Nashville Scene's Printers Alley

Natural Textiles Nature is simply breathtaking during the fall, from the colors of the falling leaves to the animals that gather food in preparation for the winter months. Since Raintree hardwoods feature a real wood veneer full of beautiful grain, character, and markings, you can use your floors to tie together a completely natural aesthetic by adding key textiles throughout the room. Think wool, linen, and cotton for your fabrics, as well as patterns and motifs inspired by nature such as leaves, acorns, pinecones, and trees. Bringing the outdoors in always fosters a strong connection to the season so open the blinds to let the natural light indoors and let your inspired layout shine!


Vintage Touches – The fall season also marks the beginning of the holiday season and many of our favorite family memories come to mind. Pulling out vintage heirlooms to decorate your rooms is an ideal way to bring nostalgia to the forefront and even capture the trending cottagecore look. 

Egret from the Laguna Vibes collection at Artsy Chicks Rule house

Cherished older pieces enhance a rustic fall room scene with timeless wood floors effortlessly, including Egret of the Laguna Vibes Collection (above). From vintage glassware and candlesticks to old picture frames and furniture, your vintage touches will make your home feel personal and reassuring all season long.  


These and more fall home design ideas can be found on our Fall Décor Pinterest board, from traditional to contemporary.  Use your favorite trends along with the benefits of waterproof Raintree flooring to create a layout that showcases all your fall favorites and truly highlights the spirit of the season!

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Best Flooring for Fall Home Design Trends

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