After the holiday season wraps up and we look back on everything that transpired throughout a full 2021, we set our sights ahead to the promise of new excitement and adventures that 2022 will hold! As we write down our goals and resolutions for the upcoming months, it’s also a chance to plan some new touches to your home for an added spark around your favorite rooms. Here are a few of our favorite home décor trends to watch in 2022:  


Valuable Versatility – For many homeowners, the once occasional work-from-home day has now become a constant staple! This development has created the need for multi-functional spaces in the home that can serve as an office, but possibly be converted to another function later. The need for versatile waterproof hardwood flooring will continue to rise through the upcoming year, allowing homeowners to have the gorgeous texture of real wood with moisture protection. Thanks to a 100% waterproof rigid composite core, Raintree Flooring Collections can help transform any space from laundry rooms to bathrooms to basements into stylish workplace stations – and allow for underfloor heating.


Natural Tones – To foster a sense of longevity and a responsible approach to design, natural materials will take center stage in 2022 along with an emphasis on natural colors and tones. All Raintree flooring planks feature the beauty of a real wood veneer at the surface of the hybrid construction. Lighter wood looks such as Egret from the Laguna Vibes Collection (below left) and natural colored First Flurry from the Aspen Estates Collection (below right) effortlessly help craft peaceful indoor environments. Combined with neutral earth-colored furniture, textiles, and wall paint colors, as well as plenty of added plants, natural tones provide relaxing ambiance and comforting appeal. 


Laguna Vibes Egret flooring             Aspen Estate First Flurry    


Enhanced Lighting To assist in working from home and connecting with nature, homeowners and designers alike will use access to daylight to make time at home even more enjoyable. Whether it’s in a residential home, big city apartment, or coastal condo, room layouts will utilize features like high ceilings and large windows to enhance stress-relieving natural light and views to the outside world. When it comes to flooring, you’ll see greater preference for matte finishes whether it’s a rich brown like Printer’s Alley from the Nashville Scene Collection (below left) or an attractive neutral such as Rocky Cliffs from the Laguna Vibes Collection (below right). These low sheen surfaces still reveal brushed texture, grain, and character while bouncing less light around and improving a natural aesthetic.

Printer's Alley 100% waterproof hardwood flooring           Laguna Vibes Rocky Cliffs

Is 2022 the year that you design a chic home office or create a hybrid room that highlights a connection to nature? Maybe you want to use Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year ‘Happy Periwinkle Blue’ within your inspired room layouts. Raintree waterproof wood flooring can help you capture your favorite home décor trends for 2022 with genuine wood beauty and waterproof protection you can count on!

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