It’s another busy evening inside your active household: You just got home from picking up your daughter from swim lessons and making dinner after a long day is your next focus. The water is starting to boil on the stove but before you can add your pasta, you notice a wet towel and swimsuit casually left behind on your wood floor. 


In a frustrated reaction, you quickly turn to pick up the soaking wet items while yelling at the culprit and BAM! The entire pot of water is knocked over when you hit the handle causing a loud crash, a huge spill, and two excited pups racing around the corner to see what happened.  It’s just one of those days!

Milk spills on waterproof hardwood flooring

Whether it’s spilled water, soda, juice, wine, or even a pet accident, it’s days like these when waterproof wood floors that can repel spills without any damage to the floor itself are nothing short of a life-saver for the average chaotic home!


These days, many hard surface products on the market promote waterproof vs. water-resistant flooring advantages, but learning and understanding the difference between these product claims will help you land the right flooring that will be able to handle life’s hectic moments when they strike. 


It’s essential to understand the distinct characteristics between waterproof and water-resistant flooring. Waterproof floors are exceptionally durable and can endure prolonged exposure to liquids, even standing water. On the other hand, water-resistant flooring can only resist small spills for a limited time before potential damage occurs. Understanding that difference can help you decide which flooring option is best for your specific needs.


Both waterproof and water-resistant wood floors are great choices for everyday spills. However, when it comes to flooring for a mudroom, basement, bathroom, or anywhere water can remain on the surface for an extended amount of time like around your laundry machines, waterproof wood flooring is your best choice versus water resistant flooring.


Vinyl flooring and tile flooring have long been thought to be the only waterproof flooring options, but a new category of waterproof hardwood flooring is making it possible for homeowners to install real hardwoods in water-prone areas. At Raintree Floors, we are proud to be one of the first ground-breaking companies to offer 100% waterproof hardwood flooring!


By utilizing a hybrid construction that takes a waterproof resilient flooring core and tops it with a luxurious sliced-hardwood lamella, we create real hardwood floors engineered for unpredictable modern life. Not only does our innovative construction provide waterproof performance and the indentation resistance of rigid core flooring, but you also receive the authentic design and value-adding benefits of real hardwood. 


You will ultimately be the one who determines whether your home needs completely waterproof wood flooring or simply water-resistant surfaces. We’ll take an even deeper dive soon on our blog into the unique technology and engineering that gives our Raintree Floors the superior performance edge.


For those who love the rustic charm and natural beauty of genuine wood floors, we strive to give you your favorite species and all of the hardwood tones, knots, and characteristics that you crave, in a waterproof, technologically-advanced floor that will perform and serve your home exactly how you need it to! 

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