Act Like A Kid Again: Play Together On Your Floors!

As we continue to practice responsible social distancing this means more time together as a family – more Netflix, more cooking at home (so. much. cooking!), constant snacks, and plenty of chaos to go around. Still working on keeping your kids occupied beyond screen time and electronic devices? The struggle is real, and we’re all doing our best to navigate our new normal. 

While we all look forward to the time that we can visit our favorite restaurants with friends and family, for now, we’re focused on making the most of our time at home. Playing Twister, eating bowls of overflowing popcorn during movies, and homeschooling for hours all have one thing in common- time spent sprawled out on the floor with the occasional mess or spill. In the past, a fruit punch explosion all over your floors might have driven you to tears– but now it’s no biggie. Raintree waterproof floors can handle it! 


Kids play on Raintree flooring


Spills Are No Worry

Water, juice, soda- none of these liquid spills are to be feared during playtime. Simply sweep up dry spills dry and damp-mop those messes that need a little extra TLC! Your Raintree hardwoods feature a rigid, 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja H2O Core that resists damage from spills and is more dimensionally stable than both engineered wood and WPC. Your floors resist messes with ease and can be damp-mopped for a quick, effective way to clean up. 

Scratches Are Not Feared

A flat surface like a sturdy hardwood floor is the perfect space to build with LEGOs, blocks, play board games, complete puzzles, and set up scenes for figurines.  For older wood floors, these activities present small pieces that could potentially scrape across the planks and cause unsightly scratches. Not only is the NINJA PET Guard™ finish waterproof, but it also protects your 1.2mm real wood veneer from scratches and wear.

Noise Is Reduced

Many homeowners would assume that to have good sound insulation in an active home with kids and pets, they would need carpet to help minimize the noise. However, your Raintree hardwoods also feature a 1mm IXPE acoustical foam backing to help reduce sound transmission from running, jumping and playing with toys, to improve insulation, and to provide comfort underfoot.

Area Rugs Add Comfort

To ensure an extra soft landing for your little ones, especially those still learning how to walk on their own, a machine-washable area rug on top of your Raintree hardwoods is the perfect combo for safe, fun floor activities.  You can also use an area rug to serve as a designated play area to hopefully combat the spread of toys throughout the house! With the rise in online shopping during this time, you can conveniently purchase an easy-to-clean, soft area rug and help our economy at the same time. 

While you’re online, make sure to visit Pinterest for Raintree hardwood inspiration and make note of your favorite styles, colors, and textures. Contact us to order samples of your favorite Raintree hardwoods and we will send them straight to your door- It doesn’t get easier than that.

While our lives today are uncertain and stressful at times, try to make the most of it. Just because we need to stay at home, for the time being, doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the extra days with our family close by. Raintree floors allow you to spend less time worrying and more time living!


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Act Like A Kid Again: Play Together On Your Floors!

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