Trend Alert: Mid-Century Modern Home Design

If you have ever heard the term ‘Mid-Century Modern’ in terms of homes or furniture and wondered exactly what style that refers to, here’s a quick, abbreviated term that’s easy to understand: retro! Technically, this label refers to minimal, clean design with a heavy presence of distinct angles. These characteristics are specific to an era of middle 20th century (think 1945 to 1960) and represent a distinct period of architecture, furniture, and graphic design. Don’t blink now, but this classic style is back, in high-demand, and thriving with present-day updates! And so is wood flooring for mid century modern design.


We’ve often heard that everything old is new again and in the real estate market, mid-century modern homes are selling extremely quickly to homeowners who love the vintage aesthetic. However, unless every owner of the home was diligent in upkeep since construction, there’s a good chance that the floors are due to be renovated. Also, some retro patterns and materials age better style-wise than others. Even if a home is considered a classic, nobody likes outdated and tacky. Thankfully, you can use gorgeous Raintree 100% waterproof hardwood floors to complete a midcentury modern home that’s never known such a level of innovation and technology!


Wood floors, walls, and panels were prized and featured prominently inside midcentury modern homes and warm golden oak was a particularly popular species throughout these estates. To renovate a midcentury modern home with today’s offerings, a wood floor that features subtle grain will complement the era perfectly. Remember, the emphasis is on clean and uncluttered so hardwood varieties with more drastic markings will not be period correct. 



The natural character variation and warm shade of Soleil from the Laguna Vibes Collection is a perfect style match for midcentury modern homes and furniture. This sliced European white oak delivers trademark hardwood beauty while offering superior technology such as the moisture-resistant NINJA PET Guard™ finish that protects the real wood veneer from scratches and wear. Now your retro treasure of a home is better suited for the activity of kids and pets than it ever was before!


For an effortless connection to nature that is cherished for wood flooring in  midcentury modern homes, look no further than the natural glow of Sandstone from the Laguna Vibes Collection.  This unassuming yet completely stunning wood floor provides the uncomplicated quality of the design aesthetic while still turning heads. Like all Raintree waterproof wood floors, this option features the 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja Core H2O that protects against liquids, spills, and tracked-in mud. Homeowners from the last century would have loved a wood floor that resisted moisture with ease and could be damp-mopped if needed!

Sandstone - Laguna Vibes Collection

If you are looking to renovate a prized midcentury modern home with the intent to sell in this current buyer’s market, it’s widely documented that wood floors will boost resale value better than any other flooring material. Contact us for Raintree waterproof hardwood flooring samples and bring a classic home to life with genuine wood beauty and waterproof innovation!


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Trend Alert: Mid-Century Modern Home Design

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