It’s that time again! August is here in full swing and our children are starting the new school year after another unforgettable summer. As you take the thoughtful steps to get your kids ready for school, take a moment to get your home ready for the action as well. The preparation that you do now will have you ready to handle all of the adventures once instruction begins and the pace of daily life takes over! One place to start is by looking at your mudroom flooring options.


A key area in the home that can help encourage greater organization and cleanliness throughout the household is a room that is often an after-thought, but can be super stylish and helpful: your mudroom! Your mudroom is usually the secondary entrance in your home, often near a garage or carport, that is dedicated for shoes, boots, coats, and umbrellas. In addition to providing storage and a transition between the great outdoors and your artfully designed interior, a mudroom helps your home stay clean by handling any wet or dirty gear. But what about mudroom flooring options?

Mudroom design ideas by Raintree

Our mudrooms deserve to be just as stylish as the rest of the home while remaining easy to clean and maintain. While carpet may not be the best fit for handling tracked-in moisture and particles, the chic selections found in the 100% waterproof wood flooring collections from Raintree are more than up to the challenge! Thanks to the rigid, 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja Core H2O, Raintree waterproof hardwood floors can easily resist the moisture and slush from muddy boots, coats, and umbrellas. Sometimes our kids rush in from school and hurriedly discard all backpacks and items on the floor in order to get a snack or hop in front of their favorite programs. Simply wipe up any tracked-in messes for the easiest, quickest clean-up imaginable. Also, the same NINJA PET Guard™ finish that makes Raintree waterproof wood floors a great fit for a home with pets will also protect the 1.2mm real wood veneer from backpack scratches, dropped school supplies, cleat scuffs, and more. 


We absolutely love the Mudroom Design Ideas that combine style and function collected on our latest Pinterest board! Gorgeous Raintree options like Egret, Backcountry, and Sandstone are engineered to provide an attractive foundation for these versatile spaces. We can’t get enough of the space-maximizing use of benches to simultaneously provide seating for adjusting footwear as well as storage cubbies underneath. Hooks on the wall provide more suitable arrangements for wet coats to dry off than in heaps on the floor! Baskets, shelves, and closets offer even more opportunity to get organized and keep things that way. Designate respective spaces for each of your little scholars and practice putting things away before watching TV or using devices.  


One way to help your kids buy into following a mudroom routine is to give them some say in designing it! If possible, narrow your design choices for area rugs, baskets, paint colors, and other elements, down to 2 or 3 choices that you deem acceptable. Ask your kids for input regarding which are their favorite options. Complete the mudroom design using some of their choices and let them know how helpful they were in the process! Also, if you have a family calendar that lists chores, school deadlines, and other activities, consider hanging it in the mudroom so that kids will start to think of the area as a hub for their academic world. 

Set your pooches up in the mudroom too!

It has been an interesting year to say the least, and everyone is looking for consistency and solutions that help our daily lives. The mudroom is a great area to direct your kids to when leaving the house for school in the morning as well as returning in the afternoon. By creating the perfect back-to-school mudroom, you can help ensure that your kids have a home environment that fosters both learning and daily stability while protecting the floors in the rest of the home. If you are interested in mudroom flooring options using Raintree waterproof wood flooring, contact us with your favorite styles to order samples and we will send them directly to you. It’s time to make your mudroom as helpful – and stylish – as it can possibly be!

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