It’s been a long day of work, errands, and family tasks, and now you are looking forward to relaxing at home. Your adorable puppy or sweet kitten makes their way beside you on the couch looking for some love and attention. At this moment, you take a deep breath and cherish your pet and how he or she helps your stress instantly melt away. Then the Amazon Prime delivery person rings the doorbell and chaos erupts. 


Your favorite furry creature dashes from the couch and knocks over your drink onto your beautiful wood floors that you just cleaned over the weekend. As your pet scrambles away, you shout in frustration and shake your head. This is real life with pets in a nutshell! We all love to spend as much time as possible with our pets, but we need our homes to withstand the inevitable spills and scrapes. So as you search for stylish flooring options to install throughout your home, here are our tips on how to select pet-friendly wood flooring: 


Waterproof Wood Flooring Over Water-Resistant 

Whether it’s a spilled water dish or an accident from an excited pet, it pays to have floors that are waterproof! Waterproof wood floors like Raintree can be exposed to liquids without a time limit, while water-resistant flooring can only handle liquids for a limited amount of time before damage sets in. This is especially important when it comes to pet accidents and spills that we don’t find right away. Life with pets is full of surprises and it helps tremendously to know that our wood floors will survive without damage until they can be addressed. 

Raintree flooring is durable for all pets including cats!

Tough Enough to Handle Scratches

Even if we do a great job as pet owners of keeping the nails and claws of our felines and canines trimmed, you need to be prepared as a homeowner for protection from the scratches they can produce. Search for a floor that can effectively resist scratches and scrapes from items dragged across the floor. For instance, Raintree waterproof wood floors feature a proprietary NINJA PET GuardTM urethane topcoat that protects the 1.2mm real wood veneer with maximum scratch and wear resistance. This coat is reinforced with aluminum oxide particles and these microscopic crystals create a physical barrier to resist your pet’s toenails. 

Easy to Clean & Maintain 

When pet spills and accidents occur during a busy week, you should be able to clean your floors quickly- the way that you want to. There’s nothing like having genuine, natural wood beauty that can be wet-mopped during stressful moments. Revolutionary NINJA PET Guard TM coating and the patented NINJA Core H2OTM make Raintree waterproof wood floors compatible with wet-mopping, which will damage uncoated hardwood. Pet-friendly wood flooring should make your life easier– and nothing is easier as a homeowner than being able to wet-mop pet accidents on a wood floor. 


Keeps the Noise Down

Your floors may not be able to calm the barks and cries of our pets when they communicate, but the thoughtful construction of your floors can help improve overall sound insulation in the home. We all know the sound of an energetic pet rounding a corner or running through the house, and Raintree waterproof hardwood floors provide a flooring option other than carpet that can soften their activity. All Raintree styles feature a 1mm IXPE acoustical foam backing to help reduce sound transmission and improve insulation. 


Are you searching for an overall exceptional pet-friendly wood flooring option that will help you keep your home clean, attractive, and calm? Thankfully, Raintree waterproof wood floors are engineered to handle all of the adventures in your home so that you can enjoy your pets and your floors without worry. The next time your cherished furry child does something to test your patience, just remember that your gorgeous Raintree waterproof hardwood floors are built for the long haul. 


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