Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

November is here and that means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner! In an unpredictable year, the traditional end of the year holiday season will bring us all a special sense of comfort that is welcome and reassuring. If you haven’t been able to travel as you normally would this year, getting together with loved ones for Thanksgiving is truly something to look forward to! Now it’s time to get your home in order so that you can enjoy the big meal with your loved ones worry-free. Here are a few of our favorite tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving: 


Stress-free Thanksgiving puppy

Prepare Your Home for Guests 

When it comes to hosting a Thanksgiving meal, it pays to be prepared. Luckily, with 100% waterproof Raintree hardwood collections, your gorgeous floors are engineered to handle the crowd. The rigid, 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja Core H2O will resist whatever tracked-in particles, moisture, and slush that the weather outside presents. If your pets get excited every time the doorbell rings, the NINJA PET Guard™ finish protects the 1.2mm real wood veneer from claws and scratches just as well as it defends against footwear scuffs. 

Ninja H2O Core for Raintree Floors

Arm your entranceways with area rugs, preferably a fall or Thanksgiving-themed rug, and consider adding rugs to your hallways and sink areas for extra protection. Add an extra trash can in the kitchen for your visitors to immediately discard their food, disposable cups, plates, and napkins when they are finished, and hopefully minimize the chance of spills or knocked-over drinks.  Should anything hit your floors during the day, simply wipe up any food or tracked-in mess. Your Raintree floors will always serve you well during the holidays! 



Decorate for the Season

To set the tone for a joyous Thanksgiving celebration, indulge in all of the fall decorations that your heart desires. As we mentioned in our Bringing Fall Pantone Colors into Your Home blog post, there are plenty of stylish, easy ways to bring in the seasonal charm! You can use seasonal area rugs and update your pillows, blankets, and drapes with warm rich colors to add instant pops of fall shades. Design a rustic front porch with wooden and metal crates and planters, hay, and flowering plants to greet your guests for the big day. Bring in natural elements like pinecones, gourds, pumpkins, and branches to create mantle arrangements and table centerpieces. All of these touches are perfect for bringing the tranquil vibe of nature indoors and honoring the beautiful seasonal color palette. 


Start Early for Best Results

One of the soundest ways to eliminate stress during the holidays? Start early! When it comes to cleaning the home, break down all of the household chores and create a cleaning schedule so that you can do a little bit of cleaning for 4-5 days in advance, as opposed to an all-day Wednesday affair before Thanksgiving Thursday. As far as the big meal goes, write out a menu now and list all of the ingredients that you will need. Order your turkey as soon as possible and do a big shopping trip for all of your non-perishable items early. Buy your produce on the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving and you will have fresh ingredients for your meal. Prepare the dishes that can chill or won’t dry-out on the day before Thanksgiving to minimize the amount of cooking on the day of. 


Thoughtful Considerations this Year 

Although many Thanksgiving meals are traditionally eaten around a formal dining room table, this year may call for a different seating arrangement. Play around with different layouts so that guests and family units have a slight bit of distance between them to help everyone stay safe indoors. Rearranging furniture, tables, and chairs will also allow you to clean areas that you might not normally tend to when sprucing up. Sanitizing your home completely and thoughtful distance with seating will help eliminate surprises on Thanksgiving this year and help everyone to be at ease when it comes to germs and health. 


For added inspiration when decorating your home, explore our saved Thanksgiving Décor pins on our Raintree Floors Pinterest page. Put together your ideas for hosting Thanksgiving now and give yourself plenty of time to execute your vision in a stress-free manner. When the big day comes, do your best to let go! Cherish your time with loved ones and have a second plate of your favorite dishes- You deserve it.  

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Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

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