Tips for Freshening up your home in the New Year

As the new 2021 calendar begins, we aim to start this year with productivity and motion in mind! If there’s one thing we learned from the previous year, it’s best to use the extra time at home in the most effective ways to maximize our space and enjoy our time to the fullest. Maybe last year inspired some home projects that you are looking to tackle or reminded you of updates that you’ve been meaning to complete. Whatever your upcoming home goals are, use this time as an opportunity to set the precedent for amazing months ahead. Here are a few of our favorite tips for freshening up your home in the new year: 

Cleaning products for your spring cleaning

Deep Clean – Just like a long shower after a busy day, nothing helps us rejuvenate in our favorite rooms like a good, deep cleaning to make our home feel brand new after the holidays. Take a moment to remove all of the winter weather that has been tracked-in and holiday spills on the floor that come with big meals. Since your Raintree hardwoods feature a rigid, 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja H2O Core, you can actually damp-mop your wood floors for a supreme clean in very little time. Divide all the remaining chores among your crew and pick a favorite family take-out meal as a reward for a job well done. It’s amazing what an afternoon cleaning can do for your home!

Nashville Scene's Printers Alley

Accessorize Give your familiar interiors a pop of new visual interest with savvy additions that you can shop for online! Considering switching out or adding new drapes, throws, pillows, a decorative vase, lamp, ottoman, or another piece of standout décor. Maybe you want to incorporate one of Pantone’s two 2021 Colors of the Year: Ultimate Gray (17-5104) and Illuminating (13-0647). The easy-to-match light gray tone in a hip, patterned area rug will pop against a rich-colored hardwood variety like Printer’s Alley from the Nashville Scene Collection. Add the brighter yellow tone in appropriate measure to your room such as within a pattern, accent, or smaller-sized furnishing for a fashion-forward optimistic touch.


Garden room decor

Add Plants As we highlighted in our Garden Room Décor Ideas post, adding plants indoors helps your home feel extremely fresh and improves air quality. In addition to providing lush green relaxing tones, eye-catching flowers, and fascinating leaf shapes, plants smell incredible, reduce carbon dioxide levels, and serve as natural humidifiers. Stylish planters, pots, and containers can even serve as chic decorative pieces and additional color. Plus, your favorite plant species will pair amazingly well with the inherent natural beauty of your favorite rustic Raintree planks for an undeniable connection to the great outdoors and the ultimate Zen-space indoors. 


Remodel Project – Ready to really kick off the new year? Tackle that remodel project you’ve thought about for the longest and give your home a truly fresh feel! You don’t even have to leave the house to find your favorite waterproof flooring for a room makeover. Start by exploring the Raintree Floors website and exploring Pinterest for waterproof hardwood inspiration. Once you determine your favorite styles, contact us to order samples and we will safely send them directly to you. Next, use our Dealer Locator to find the Raintree dealer that you can work with to purchase your flooring and most likely complete installation as well. 


A few thoughtful steps can go long way towards freshening up your home, keeping morale high, and staying productive and engaged at home. Try any or all of these tips and maybe taking action will spark your next great ideas for home improvement and home décor! 


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Tips for Freshening up your home in the New Year

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