Spring Home Décor Trends on a Budget

There’s nothing like the new life blooming in spring to reinvigorate each morning and put a smile on our faces! Taking our cues from the bright colors of flowers and lush lawns after spring rainfall, a seasonal design refresh indoors will help add vibrancy and energy to our favorite rooms. When you use the neutral, earthy tones and organic striking beauty of Raintree waterproof hardwood floors to anchor your interiors, you already have the perfect foundation for a soothing ode to spring. Capturing the spirit of the season doesn’t need to break the bank either- Here are four of our favorite ways to add spring home décor trends on a budget: 


Using Natural Textures – Just as we use the incredible graining and natural tones of wood varieties like Driftwood flooring from the Laguna Vibes Collection to create warmth and comfort, you can bring more natural materials and textures to the forefront in your home to enhance the connection to the season. Rattan and wicker furniture are not only trending this year, but they are more affordable and also pair with the beauty of wood perfectly. Woven, sustainable fibers like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and low-impact linen are perfect textiles and fabrics for low-cost drapes, pillows, and rugs that will enhance the feel of a natural, springtime design. 

Driftwood Waterproofed Wood Flooring for Spring

Pops of Color – Bold, bright colors of new blooms are everywhere when we step outside, and bringing these colors inside will truly make spring come alive. A great place to start is with savvy selections of trending colors. For instance, Illuminating is a warm yellow that inspires hope and confidence chosen as one of the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2021. Similarly, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2021 is Aegean Teal, a calming ocean blue, and Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2021 Palette includes many spring shades like Rosy Peach. These inspiring mood-enhancers can easily be added in decorative pillows, area rugs, vases, table linens, and bathroom towels, for inexpensive pops of color throughout the home. These shades will contrast the neutral tones of real wood floors effortlessly while brightening your interior spaces. 

Waterproofed Wood Egret flooring and indoor plants

Add Indoor Plants It goes without saying that adding plenty of indoor plants will mirror the magic of nature during springtime. You can find an appropriately sized indoor plant to fit almost every room of the home. We love big potted plants to windowsill planters, all the way down to tiny succulents that can fit on end tables. Certainly, make sure that your favorite plants are well-suited for indoor environments and will receive an ample amount of light where you want them to go. You can rest assured that watering your plants will not damage your Raintree 100% waterproof hardwood floors, simply wipe up any droplets with a dry cloth or paper towel. Even adding fake plants from a discount home store will add to the undeniable visual combination of genuine wood planks and lush greenery- spring is always a great time to go green!


Floral Wallpaper – Not only is wallpaper on the rise in general, but floral wallpaper is the perfect way to easily remodel a bathroom for less while capturing a seasonal visual. Peel-and-stick wallpaper options are both cheaper to purchase and easier to install than traditional wallpaper. You can create a stylish accent wall anywhere you need a design focal point, and the pattern will add an engaging touch wherever you see fit. You can contrast the overall lighter, mid, or darker color palette of your favorite floral wallpaper with the shade of your wood floors for a balanced, harmonious room that has no shortage of visual interest. 


For even more spring home décor trends that won’t ever go out of style, make sure to explore our Spring Décor Pinterest board. Combined with the benefits of Raintree waterproof wood flooring, your home can become a stylish slice of this rejuvenating season that’s easy to maintain and easy on the budget!


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Spring Home Décor Trends on a Budget

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