5 Simple Ways to Go Greener at Home

Eco-friendly living is an equally thoughtful and valuable year-round home goal that is brought to the forefront once again with every annual Earth Day celebration. As homeowners across the nation have been inspired to complete room remodels and refresh their interior spaces this year, the awareness of selecting environmentally responsible products like eco wood flooring and supporting considerate practices has never been greater. Whether taking actions such as choosing natural materials, improving indoor air quality, or eliminating waste, here are 5 simple ways to go greener at home while completing a gorgeous design refresh or remodel: 


Using Natural Materials

To create a strong, soothing connection to nature and a healthier indoor environment, bring natural materials to the forefront as you redesign familiar spaces. Raintree waterproof wood floors offer an authentic hardwood veneer with added performance that exceeds traditional wood construction. The unmistakable graining, texture, and characteristics of styles like Rocky Cliffs hardwood flooring from the Laguna Vibes Collection, along with supreme waterproof and scratch resistance, thanks to NINJA PET GUARD technology, contribute to tranquil spaces for worry-free daily life and better overall mental health.  

Waterproofed Hardwood flooring's healthy benefits

Improving Indoor Air Quality with Eco Wood Flooring

It’s imperative to achieve excellent indoor air quality not only for those who suffer from allergies and asthma, but also to prevent irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and long-term illnesses. The certified eco-friendly flooring options you select for your home can contribute to better air quality: Did you know that every Raintree plank is third-party verified for EPA TSCS Title VI and Carb Compliance, meeting the most stringent emissions restrictions? Not only do Raintree planks contain no added formaldehyde, but they also meet rigorous third-party indoor air quality standards to achieve Green Guard Gold certification. As we mentioned in our Tips for Freshening up your home in the New Year blog post, make sure to also add plenty of plants indoors to reduce carbon dioxide and serve as natural humidifiers!


Removing Pollutants Effectively

Just like taking care of wildlife preservations to minimize the effects of real-world pollution, you want to remove pollutants indoors for the healthiest environment possible. Raintree waterproof hardwood floors feature a proprietary urethane topcoat that repels moisture and prohibits spills from absorbing into the wood where bacteria can grow. Not only does this revolutionary coating prevent the growth of harmful mold and mildew, but you are also allowed to wet-mop ALL Raintree styles! Although this cleaning technique can damage uncoated hardwood, Raintree’s 100% waterproof hardwood flooring technology allows you to remove all pollutants from the solid surface quickly and effectively. 

Duke Manor Farms Crevasse Hardwood Flooring

Adhesive-Free Flooring Installation

Flooring installation that requires adhesives can create nauseating odors that will require adequate ventilation and room displacement for multiple days. For an active family with children learning from home, this can be a lot to ask for. Thanks to Raintree’s unique NINJA LOCK locking system, your glueless installation is not only faster, since it doesn’t require time for the adhesive to cure, but your home experiences no creation of potent, harmful odors or VOCs.  This smooth, streamlined process also allows your family to walk on the floor immediately for even more peace of mind! 


Reducing Material Waste From New Flooring

In an effort to divert material landfill waste, Raintree waterproof wood floors certainly do their part. Not only does installation require zero glue or staples, the flexible Raintree waterproof hardwood floors can also be installed directly over the top of existing flooring. Thus, the old flooring doesn’t have to be removed and disposed of either. Also, Raintree waterproof wood floors feature an attached acoustical pad that reduces sound transition, which is one more material that you will not have to purchase. In addition to eliminating installation-related purchases, you are reducing the packaging waste that all these products will create. 


As you strive to go green with your home renovations like eco wood flooring, make sure to explore our Bathrooms That Inspire Pinterest board for ideas that will bring Raintree waterproof wood flooring benefits to your home. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we can craft amazing rooms for our families to enjoy that are also better for our planets and quality of life!


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