The Best Hardwood Floors for Busy Families

For the average busy family, the hustle and bustle of daily life doesn’t end when the crew returns home in the late afternoon: it just begins! From backpacks thrown on the floor to cleats and claws running from room to room, spills and scratches are always just a moment away. How do you protect your hardwood floors amongst the chaos on a daily and weekly basis so that your home shines for years? Arm your favorite rooms with hardwood floors designed to handle the activity and unpredictable moments with ease. To help achieve ultimate peace of mind in your home, here are a few valuable considerations for the best hardwood floors for families

Waterproof floors from Raintree - Father and daughter

Innovative Hardwood Flooring Construction

Many savvy homeowners have now learned that they can have the inherent, eye-catching beauty of genuine wood combined with advanced technology for a stress-free household.  Each Raintree hardwood plank shines with a luxurious sliced hardwood lamella to create a real wood floor, available in the most in-demand hardwood species, textures, and tones. However, the innovative hybrid construction features a waterproof core like resilient flooring, providing waterproof performance and indentation resistance without sacrificing either the authenticity or value-adding benefits of real hardwood. It’s real wood engineered for modern life!

Waterproof  Wood Flooring

Knocked-over pet water bowls, juice boxes, and even a glass of red wine can happen on any given night in a busy home. That makes a waterproof hardwood floor the ultimate fit for a family on the go! Waterproof wood floors like Raintree can be exposed to spills without a time limit and resist damage. Thanks to the high density, 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja H2O Core, your beautiful wood floor is completely unaffected by moisture from liquid spills and concrete subfloors. Now you can have wood flooring and look you love in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms without worrying about spills or splashes. 

Scratch & Dent Resistance Hardwood Floors

When it comes to handling the wear-and-tear that comes with an active bunch, homeowners rely on the trademark durability of hardwood floors to save the day. Thankfully, Raintree floors feature a NINJA PET GUARD WATERPROOF + SCRATCH RESISTANT™ proprietary urethane topcoat that not only repels moisture but is also reinforced with aluminum oxide to provide maximum scratch and wear resistance. These microscopic crystals create a physical barrier to resist damage from foot traffic and pesky scrapes. Also, the solid Ninja H2O core is made from compressed stone and plastic, perfect for resisting indentations from common sources like high heels, heavy furniture, and dropped items. 

Easy to Clean

No matter what happens indoors at the end of a long day or long week, a good cleaning will always give the floors a clean slate before the next great adventures take place. Whereas solid uncoated hardwood faces several moisture issues that require specific cleaning procedures, your Raintree waterproof wood flooring allows you to damp-mop your floors for sparkling results in record time. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your kids, pets, and guests!

Sound Absorption Hardwoods

In a busy household, catching peaceful moments can sometimes be hard to achieve. Raintree waterproof hardwood flooring helps neutralize some of the bumps and thumps in your home thanks to the NINJA STEALTH™ attached acoustical layer adhered to the back of every plank! In addition to eliminating the “clicking” sound that can occur when you walk across wood floors, this backing reduces sound transition between floors. If a playroom or teen bedroom is upstairs, you will hear less stomping and footsteps from above- now that’s a lifesaver.

Everyone knows that real wood can’t be faked, and Raintree waterproof wood floors allow homeowners to create chic design schemes with authentic wood beauty engineered to last! Explore our Raintree Pinterest boards for all the fashion-forward rooms that you can create for your fast-paced family and enjoy the luxury of wood without compromise.


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