Ideas for Mother’s Day at Home

Every May, we look forward to Mother’s Day as a chance to spoil our beloved matriarchs with gifts, treats, and extra special get-togethers. Often we celebrate with a family meal or brunch at Mom’s favorite restaurant, followed by activities like shopping and a fun outdoor activity to take advantage of beautiful spring weather. This year, Mother’s Day celebrations will likely look a little bit different: How can we properly celebrate with restaurants and shops widely closed? It’s time to get creative, friends!  


With a little creativity and plenty of thoughtful effort, you can still craft a Mother’s Day to remember that delivers plenty of special memories. Although we often hear ‘it’s the thought that counts’, in this case, it’s true! Thinking outside of the box will help you create a celebration to help your Mom, Mother, or Mama enjoy her day to the fullest. Here are some of our favorite ideas for Mother’s Day celebrations at home. 

Flowers, gift and a card for Mother's Day 

Cards & Crafts

A hand-made card or gift is better than anything from Hallmark! Put your little ones to work by designing personalized Mother’s Day cards the night before. Don’t worry about making a mess, your Raintree hardwood floors are prepared for any creative activity. Spills wipe up with ease, and the premium 1.2mm real wood veneer is protected by a waterproof coating that resists moisture damage, scratches, and scrapes. 


Fresh Flowers 

Whatever you do, do not forget the flowers! It’s a well-known fact that most Mom’s love fresh-cut flowers. If you have flowers in bloom outside, you can make your own gorgeous arrangement with homegrown beauties. If you need to outsource, contact your local florist for delivery options. Our local businesses need support now more than ever. More than likely their website or Instagram page offers a variety of happily colored blooms designed especially for mom.

Cleaning products for your spring cleaning

Clean House & Floors

What Supermom doesn’t love waking up to a clean house? Gather your team together and make your home shine by dividing and conquering the chores. Whoever draws the straw for cleaning the Raintree hardwood gets the easiest job! These waterproof floors can be quickly cleaned with the Swiffer Wet Jet maintenance system or Bona Care wet maintenance system. Trust us when we say that Mom will cherish having a sparkling clean house that didn’t require her to lift a finger.


Curbside Takeout or Delivery

Although we may not get to enjoy mom’s favorite restaurants in person this Mother’s Day, there’s still a  good chance you can bring her favorite meal or dessert home. Call ahead in case the restaurant has special regulations for social distancing, and to see what options are available for take out or delivery. Even if you have to get it to-go, it’ll still be a meal she didn’t have to cook or clean up – and that’s always a win! 


Movie Night

If the mom in your life is missing the theater, why not treat her to a family movie night at home?  See if you can find her favorite film to rent on one of the many online streaming services. A lot of movies that would normally be showing only in theaters can now be purchased on your smart TV – and many are even being offered for free because of stay at home restrictions!  Even if you have to pay to rent, it’s still going to be a lot cheaper than buying multiple movie tickets. So, put on your favorite PJs, grab some yummy snacks, and settle in for quality family time.  

Child hugging her Mom on Mother's Day

In these stressful times, it’s so important to keep to our normal routines as much as possible, including continuing to celebrate special holidays like Mother’s Day. It is a trying time to be a parent, so let’s make sure to show the moms in our life how much we appreciate everything they do.  Because, my goodness, it’s a LOT.  


Happy Mother’s Day from our Raintree family to your family!

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Ideas for Mother’s Day at Home

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