With summertime in full swing and the whole family staying home more, it’s important to take advantage of the long sunny days and maximize the space in your home both indoors and outside. For the best of both worlds, consider sprucing up your garden room for a Zen-like retreat that utilizes natural light, plants, and thoughtful décor to create the perfect relaxing effect. 


For most of us, a garden room in our homes is an indoor room that borders the yard with large windows that bring in ample amounts of natural light. It’s usually the perfect room for comfortable furniture and decorative pieces that encourage tranquility, often complete with large window sills for cushions and pillows. Whether you want a cozy place to read your new favorite book, unwind with a glass of wine, settle in for an afternoon nap, or all of the above, a thoughtfully-designed garden room will help you find ultimate peace of mind. To craft this relaxing area for your family, here are a few of our favorite garden room décor ideas.


Plenty of Natural Elements

We love garden rooms for the instant connection to nature that we receive, so make sure to pair the natural light that shines through with lots of greenery and wood elements.  In addition to exceptional natural beauty, a light and airy hardwood variety like Egret from the Laguna Vibes Collection is perfect for playing off sunlight while using a refined, natural color palette. We also love the brushed texture and matte finish of First Flurry from the Aspen Estates Collection for a gorgeous garden room. Wood varieties like these will make your space feel brighter, breezy, more spacious, and provide the perfect foundation for incorporating other natural elements. 


Plants & More Plants

We can go on and on about the benefits of having plants in your sunroom: plants help reduce carbon dioxide levels, provide fresh air, smell amazing, serve as natural humidifiers, and they help reduce airborne dust for easier breathing. We also love plants because they are simply beautiful. Try using different sized plants throughout your garden room for a layered feel. Pair a big potted plant in the corner with wall or windowsill planters, and a variety of potted plants for all coffee tables and end tables. Before purchasing any plants, make sure that your selections are suitable for indoor environments and match the level of sunlight that they will receive in your garden room. When combined with eco-friendly Raintree hardwood, plants provide an undeniably lush, living layout that you will cherish.

First Flurry by Raintree

Waterproof/Scratch Resistant Flooring 

Your garden room may feature the most commonly used door to the yard, garden, or pool, and contain pet entrances for your dog or cat. However, you don’t need to worry about the outdoor elements smudging up your pristine paradise. Raintree hardwoods feature moisture-resistant NINJA PET Guard™ finish that protects the real wood veneer from scratches and wear. Also, the 100% waterproof 5mm Ninja Core H2O protects your floors from liquids, spills, and tracked-in mud with ease. All you have to do is wipe up any moisture and damp-mop if needed. It’s quick, effective, and does not disturb your calm!


The amazing scenes featured on our Raintree Garden Room Ideas Pinterest board will provide all of the breath-taking, soothing inspiration you need to get your wheels turning. Contact us for samples of Raintree hardwoods as you narrow down your favorite styles and textures. Add the perfect area rugs to complete your garden room, and you are on your way to supreme rejuvenation right in your own home!

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